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What are the types of subscription?

There are three types of membership:

  1. Free, fully free, with unlimited access to a limited number of exercises. You can train whenever you want, with customized training courses, without access to exclusive games
  2. Pro, with monthly payment. You have access, without limits, to all of personalized training paths, with additional features, premium content, learning material and interactive access to Pro-only study tools to deepen your skills
  3. Lifetime Pro. You just pay once and you have access to all the know-how of Acutize, lifetime

How do I upgrade to Pro my Free subscription?

Upgrading your free plan means that you will receive additional trainings, and features like advanced stats or High resolution imaging of retina for diagnosis purposes. You can learn more details around our plans here. There are two subscription levels, Pro and Pro Unlimited which you can sign up on a monthly or yearly cycle:

  1. From the main menu, tap the Profile icon and then select Settings
  2. Press Upgrade Subscription
  3. Follow the prompts onscreen

I’ve purchased Pro, but I’m unable to access the Pro features. What do I do?

Simply close and re-open Acutize. Please verify from your Settings Page that you are logged with the right email address; otherwise, just log out and log back using the Already have an account button