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How is game performance calculated?

Game scoring is determined each time based on how your current score compares to your previous score for that game. Moreover, when comparing your performance statistically, we gather and analyze score distributions for each game across a wide range of users.

What is the scoring dynamics?

Starting from the score generated in each individual exercise, through appropriate conversion factors, Acutize determines progress achieved in each of the six components of the visual system (Visual acuity, Ocular motility, Accommodation and convergence, Binocular vision, Integration center / periphery and Image Processing). Such scoring helps in classifying the health of your vision.

What is the Visual Proficiency Quotient (VPQ)?

The Visual Proficiency Quotient (VPQ) is an overall coefficient, calculated by a weighted average of the performance achieved in all the visual components, which represents the health of the visual system as a whole, in terms of functionality, accuracy and speed. Specifically, Acutize, given as input the curve of natural aging of visual acuity defined by Duane, calculates the VPQ to display your consolidated progress, intended as a slowdown compared to the natural aging process.

What is the optimum training distance from the smartphone?

You should be at about 15 inches from the smartphone to maximize training effectiveness.

What does my Performance Report mean?

Acutize Performance Report, shown at the end of each training session, offers an in-depth, personalized analysis of your Visual performance and determine how your visual system strengths. You can review it at any time by tapping Your Stats at the top of the page next to Game List. Your Stats shows also your training history, how consistently you have been training, how many exercises you’ve played as well as your recent and all-time training progress.