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At Acutize, we have a crystal clear mission.

We provide mobile solutions to self-management of vision health, exploiting our knowledge in Neuroscience & Optometry.

And since we believe in helping people keep their vision challenged, we created a simple digital tool to allow anyone to train core visual abilities.

We’re scientists and gamers working together

  • From neuroscience to optometry or visual art, we combine many diverse disciplines to create our engaging visual training program — wide spreading our science and technology available to everyone
  • Our challenge is to improve your visual skills simply playing fun and challenging games.

We work with university researchers in USA and Europe

  • In addition to collaborating with experienced game designers, our scientists work with Universities and independent researchers to investigate new areas in visual training

That’s how we’ve turned a scientifically proven solution into a friendly game-like experience: 12 minutes, 3 times a weeks: play the game to dramatically improve your vision health

We give you a patient journey in three simple steps:

  • Complete online vision evaluation
  • Personalize your treatments
  • Start improving your visual health

Once reached your personal target, your biological “eye-age” has reduced by years.

The program consists of at least 3 sessions each week, each session is 10-12-minutes, for approximately 3 consecutive months. Keep in mind that due to its scientific base, the program and the sessions are personalized, and the overall program length is determined according to your initial vision evaluation and ongoing progress.