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Low vision is an irreversible process associated with aging.

Eyes exhibit a diminished ability to focus on near objects, due to a loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens and a loss of power of the ciliary muscles.

Acutize leverages recent developments in optical physics and neuroscience to provide you with a pure-software solution for increasing vision sharpness.

Low vision

Our orthoptic visual therapy enhances the optical characteristics of the eye.

Acutize reinforces ciliary muscles, which bend and straighten the crystalline lens.

  • Accommodative amplitude
  • Tonic Accommodation
  • Accommodative microfluctuations
  • CA/C Ratio
  • Subjective depth-of-focus
  • Accommodative adaption
  • Accommodative latency
  • Proximally-included accommodation

mechanic optical system

Acutize training programs include all eye’s abilities

Vision areas
Image processing

Image processing in our brain

Visual stimulation tasks for a better image processing in the primary visual cortex.

Contrast-driven neural responses are robustly affected by lateral propagations between neurons in the visual cortex.
This interaction - called "collinear facilitation" - strengthens selective synapses and facilitates neural connections at the cortical level to improve contrast sensitivity and visual acuity.

Your benefits: biological “eye-age” reduced by 8.6 year.

Image processing

With a regular workout - 12 minutes, 3 times a week!

According with recent researches, Acutize training has the potential of postponing the natural ageing of the eyes of 8.6 years:

  • Visual Acuity reduced from 2.44 to 1.56
  • Near vision improved by 56%
  • Contrast detection increased of 34%
  • Contrast discrimination increased of 47%